Breadboard Games

Breadboard games is a set of electronic kit designs for STEM workshops that hopes to encourage younger people in to the area of Engineering and Computer Science. The kits are inspired by games from the early days of home computers and electronic games. These games were typically less complex than modern games and therefore require a smaller leap of understanding. This makes them more accessible to beginners. The various kits are low cost (typically less than €10) and their components can be sourced from suppliers such as Aliexpress and Farnell. All software used in the games is open source and does not require third party libraries.
The journey so far:

Breadboard games 2022
Breadboard games 2021
Breadboard games 2020 (Conway’s game of life)
Breadboard games 2019 (STM32 F103)
Breadboard games 2018 (STM32F103)
Breadboard games 2017 (STM32F103)
Breadboard games 2017 (Copycat on the MSP430)
Breadboard games 2016 (MSP430)