The SAML10E16A: A Cortex-M23 MCU

SAML10E16A and a Segger J-Link EDU debug probe

This is my first Cortex M23 MCU. It is made by Atmel/Microchip which may lead to I/O synchronization oddness later but time will tell. Initial attempts to get this working with an ST-Link clone were not successful however the J-Link Edu works great.

SVD data was obtained from Atmel over at

When you extract the SAML10E zip file you will come across this file: ATSAML10E16A.svd. This can be used to produce a header file with I/O structures using the utility svdconv.exe (available from Keil’s MDK installation). This is done as follows:

SVDConv.exe ATSAML10E16A.svd –generate=header

On my Linux system I added “wine” and the full path in front of that – you may not have to do this on your own system.

This produces a header file although not without some errors. The biggest problem seems to be in the area of the RTC. A little bit of manual editing fixed the “show-stopping” error in the generated header file. More investigation needed here however as other problems may lurk. Anyway, the header file was good enough to get a basic blinky program off the ground.

Blinky sources can be found over here I expect to add more in the near future.