Driving a silicon carbide MOSFET

A colleague and I are starting to experiment with silicon carbide MOSFETs. The one we have chosen to go with is from Wolfspeed. We want to drive this using an STM32G431 MCU so we opted to use an STGAP2HD isolated gate drive. This is a surface mount part so, for prototyping and evaluation purposes we build a breakout PCB

I wrote some code to generate a 130kHz PWM output signal and the driver PCB was hooked up to the power MOSFET. A long-distance shot of the system operating is show below. The blue trace on the oscilloscope is the gate drive signal while the yellow trace is the drain-source voltage. It has lots of overshoots and oscillations because of the poor layout and the inductance of the load resistor. Anyway, we are now happy that the STGAP2HD driver can actually drive our MOSFET. Next step: MUCH better layout and assemble/test one arm of an inverter bridge.