Using the HD107S RGB Led with a BBC Microbit

The HD107S is a low cost RGB LED unit which features an SPI interface. I paid just over €9 for 50 of them. They are quite easy to program using a microcontroller platform such as the BBC Microbit. The short program below was written on MBed and downloaded to the Microbit. It causes the LED to cycle through a range of colours.

#include "mbed.h"

SPI spi(P0_21, P0_22, P0_23); // mosi, miso, sclk
void getRainbow(unsigned &Red, unsigned &Green, unsigned &Blue);

int main() {

    unsigned Red,Green,Blue;
    Red = Green = Blue = 0;    
    char tx_buffer[16];
    char rx_buffer[16];
    spi.format(8, 3);
    tx_buffer[0]=0; // header
    tx_buffer[1]=0; // header
    tx_buffer[2]=0; // header
    tx_buffer[3]=0; // header
    tx_buffer[4]=0xe0 + 0x1f; // max brightness (1f = brightness figure - lower to suit)
    while(1) {
        tx_buffer[5]=Blue; // blue
        tx_buffer[6]=Green; // green
        tx_buffer[7]=Red; // red        
        spi.write(tx_buffer, 8, rx_buffer, 0);              
void getRainbow(unsigned &Red, unsigned &Green, unsigned &Blue)
{   // Cycle through the colours of the rainbow (non-uniform brightness however)
    // Inspired by :    
    static int State = 0;
    switch (State)
        case 0:{
            if (Green == 255)
                State = 1;
        case 1:{
            if (Red == 255)
                State = 2;
        case 2:{
            if (Blue == 255)
                State = 3;          
        case 3:{
            if (Green == 0)
                State = 4;
        case 4:{
            if (Red == 0)
                State = 5;
        case 5:{
            Blue --;
            if (Blue == 0)
                State = 0;

2 thoughts on “Using the HD107S RGB Led with a BBC Microbit

  1. Ken Wallace September 29, 2020 / 2:14 pm

    Just trying Mbed myself and it was easy to compile and download examples to several STM32 Nucleo boards I have. I liked the “bare metal” option they talk about but was never able to sort it out. Also, I didn’t see any intelligent completion clues (called intellisense, I think) when writing code which I use a lot with Keil uVision5. I read where the downloaded version does have it.


    • fduignan September 29, 2020 / 4:00 pm

      Hello again Ken. I’ve stuck with the online version of mbed which works well for students as there’s no need to install anything. For my own development work I still use a command line compiler, gdb and a text editor. I did try visual studio code and it was quite nice but a little brittle


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