A bluetooth low energy UV sensor

This is my first project that involves the NRF52832 BLE MCU. The NRF52832 takes the analog signal from an ML8511 UV sensor and makes it available over a BLE service. Connections are pretty straightforward: the ML8511 output is connected to P0_28 of the NRF52832. An LED is connected to P0_25. That’s all there is to it apart from power (3.3V) and ground. The BLE value output is an integer value that represents UV intensity in mW/cm^2.

Code was developed using the mbed online compiler. This particular BLE board was bought from AliExpress for around €6. It is not available as a “platform” on mbed however the Delta DFBM-NQ620 seems to be compatible so I used that. Interesting to note that at this point in time the Serial interface class for the NRF52832 is in a known broken state.

Code is available over here on mbed.

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