The STM32G030

The STM32G030 is similar in many ways to the STM32F030. It has approximately the same peripherals and is available for a similar price (in western countries). There are some significant differences however:
The ‘G030 however uses a Cortex M0+ (instead of the M0 in the F030),
The ‘G030 has a maximum clock speed of 64MHz (48MHz for the F030),
The model I chose STM32G030K8T6 has twice the Flash (64KB) and twice the RAM (8KB) that the ‘F030 has.
Full size image
I’ve put together a number of examples over on github that might help someone get started. These include a simple blinky, serial comms, serial comms with an ADC, systick interrupts and finally driving an ST7789 LCD display.

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