Nearly ready for Dublin Maker 2018

Putting the (hopefully) final touches to the paper based programming demos for Dublin Maker 2018 (July 21st, Merrion Square).
There are two demos here. The first controls a robot arm that can retrieve a sweet for the user. The user “programs” the arm by colouring in bits on the paper roll. Each column of the paper roll corresponds to an 8 bit opcode. The two MSB’s select which of the servo motors is to be controlled, the remaining 6 bits determine the angle.
The second demo is a music box similar in design to the first except that the opcodes are 15 bits long. 12 of these select the note, 2 select the octave and the 15th bit is a clock bit that allows the microcontroller control the motor speed. Fingers crossed these will work on the day 🙂

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