SX1278 Module breakout board

I have been using some SX1278 modules for LoRa experiments. The pin spacing on these modules is 1.27mm – half of the pin spacing found on a breadboard. Interestingly, ribbon cable is exactly the right pitch and I previously managed to solder a length of ribbon cable to a module however, the wiring was prone to fatigue and soon became unreliable. Rummaging around my parts drawer I came across a 24 pin SOP24 to DIP adapter board. This is the sort of board you use with surface mount SSOP chips when you need to work with them on a breadboard. The spacing between pins on the SSOP pins is exactly 1.27mm. These adapter boards are very cheap ( < 10c) and it they can be used with the SX1278 as shown above to make it breadboard compatible

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