Using timer interrupts on the Tiva C microcontroller with the Energia IDE

I wanted to generate a period timer interrupt on the Tiva C within the Energia environment WITHOUT modifying any of the Energia files. The interrupt vector table can not be modified without tinkering with the Energia system files which would seem to make the task impossible however…..The Energia environment allows you attach an interrupt handler to a port pin and, some port pins can be driven by a timer so, combining these two ideas leads to a working timer interrupt (albeit at the expense of a port pin). Here’s the code:

// Try to hack a timer interrupt without rewriting the energia source files
// The plan: Attach an interrupt to an IOPIN that is driven by the timer. 
// Hopefully this will allow us to get a periodic interrupt
// PF1 drives the RED LED.  This can be driven by T0CCP1
#include <inc/tm4c123gh6pm.h>
#define LED RED_LED
// Period of 80000 should yield an interrupt rate of 1kHz
// This divisor will have to be spread across the match register and prescaler
#define PERIOD 80000  
void initTimer(void)
  TIMER0_CTL_R &= ~(1 << 8); // disable timer B
  TIMER0_CFG_R  = 4; 
  TIMER0_TBMR_R = 0b1010; // set T1AMS, T0MR=0
  TIMER0_TBILR_R = PERIOD & 0xffff; // set interval (lower 16 bits) 
  TIMER0_TBPR_R = PERIOD >> 16; // set interval (upper bits)
  TIMER0_TBMATCHR_R = 100; //  set match value
  TIMER0_CTL_R |= (1 << 8); // enable timer B
  GPIO_PORTF_AFSEL_R |= (1 << 1); // select alternate function for PF1 
  GPIO_PORTF_PCTL_R |= (7 << 4);
int Count = 0;
void ISR(void)
void setup() {                
  // initialize the digital pin as an output.
  pinMode(LED, OUTPUT); 
  attachInterrupt(LED, ISR, RISING);
// the loop routine runs over and over again forever:
void loop() {
  int snapshot; 
  delay(1000);                 // wait for a second
  snapshot=Count;              // check to see how far the count got in that time (should be 1000 for 1 ms timebase)
  Serial.println(snapshot);    // report it back  


Good luck!

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